Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hello 2013

Hello everyone,

Happy new year!! And what a year it will be. 

I have been just flat chat with knitting. One wold say (Mr.C) that I'm addicted to knitting. I have been working on 4 knitting projects at the same time, while making a special request for a special bride.

As I only have 12 weeks to go until "Sprout" comes, I have kicked up the baby knitting. So on I go to my go to site for knitting patterns you can find me 'rachelcavill' and be my knitting friend. Anyway, project one - pattern is scrap-sweater-for-the-small-ones IT'S FREE!!! score. It is a quick knit. But I did have to teach myself how to knit different colours, which was interesting. I love adding to my knitting knowledge. Not sure to do long sleeve or short. Sprout is coming in April so she/he may only get one wear in winter as it is small jumper.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Baking.

Hello everyone,

Had a busy weekend. Christmas is crazy time of year. Baking, knitting and just living between Christmas parties. Mr.C wanted cupcakes for his work, so being a lovely housewife delivered. 18 cupcake double chocolate with chocolate buttercream icing. Then not to leave anyone out I made gluten free cupcake as well. Red Velvet mix with royal icing topped with sliver balls.

The berries where made by rolling three little balls, then using little scissors made a cross. Giving them character, and not to look like rolled red fondant. Then using flower & leaves mixer on the berries to make them have a shinny look to standout a little more.

Yes I know they aren't "holly" shaped leaves, but are rose leaves. But I was running on 3 hours of sleep and they look fine. The leaves where made from green fondant, cut out by a rose leave shape cutter, then pressed into a veiner. Once the leaves where all cut out and shaped, I then painted them with a little of the same green watered down. To make the veins standout more, and to give a retro finish.

The Gluten Free minis where iced using Pure Icing sugar mixed with egg whites only and vanilla essence. I love using this icing. TIP: using eye whites instead of water, gives the end result a silk look. And it is always good to flavor the icing as it tastes a little odd by itself.

On another note...
I was reading through my grandmothers recipe trying to find her traditional English Trifle Recipe. No Luck, :( 
But I did find a Christmas cake from my great grandmother from Warracknabeal Victoria. What a find. Look at the lovely handwriting. Along with the cake, I found Grandma's ANZAC biscuits, wedding fruit cake and pav recipe. And not to mention the secret self base quiche.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Knitting for Christmas

Hello everyone,
I have been knitting like crazy! I think it is the nesting coming out in me. I have about three projects going at the same time. Mr.C. is going crazy with all the wool around the house. A tidy up is all its needs. I have 2 baby jumpers on the go. One a wrap jacket with buttons on the side. Using Nanny P sewing stills to sew on the buttons, as I can't sew anything. And the other jumper/pullover is colourful pattern good for both a girl or a boy.

But what about Christmas...ahh presents.

So I have decided to knit my family KK a scarf. Yes, a funny thing to be thinking about when it is a hot Australian summer at 37 C. I thought I have all this beautiful wool, that cost me a pretty penny. And I always love getting homemade gifts and giving them. So hopefully they will like it.
The pattern is from 

I was knitting away last night just following the pattern as you do and then out of nowhere this lovely weave pattern appeared. A easy to follow pattern just remember to remember which row you are up to as this weave effect looks terrible if the squares aren't the same size. Just a tip. 

Anyway must go, knitting to be done before Christmas. By the way Merry Christmas.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Retaining your independence during retirement

Retirement doesn’t mean losing your independence but can actually enhance it in some situations. Those that have always wished to fulfil a number of dreams and goals now have all the time in the world to do so. There is no longer a need to work every waking hour, you can instead spend a number of leisurely days partaking in a range of exciting and action-packed activities.

You may however, quite simply wish to relax. If this is the case, a retirement apartment may be exactly what you are looking for. This housing allows you to maintain your own independence whilst still having help and support close-by should you need it.

This help may come in the shape of a carer (an individual who can help you with day-to-day chores) but doesn’t necessarily equate to round the clock care. You can rely on them as much or as little as you need in a later living apartment – an ideal balance.

A new beginning

A number of retirement apartments understand that getting older the beginning of a new era. In order to enjoy this time, it’s worth giving your finances some consideration.

In order to release a little collateral, it is important to plan ahead. An equity release calculator will allow you to calculate exactly how much you have to play with in terms of funds tied up in your property and choosing to unlock this could be a hugely beneficial.

How much you release will usually depend on a few factors, such as the value of your property and the rate of your current pensionable income. Entering your details into an online system will allow you to instantly reveal how much money you have available.

Once you have worked out your finances, you can concentrate on the finer things in life! You may wish to embark on a sightseeing tour, a golfing holiday or alternatively, see a certain artist in an action-packed concert. All the things you never had the time to do prior to retirement become possible with more time, and a little money, available.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Welcome Lucille to the family.

Hello everyone, 
We have new addition to the family. Lucille my new letterpress. My 8"x5" Adana letterpress all the way from France. It makes Lou Lou look like a toy. But both in working condition and old wireless printers. Mr.C. is slowly going lose his shed, as I still really want a C&P. 
Funny thing happened... In all the pictures of Lucille you don't see any rollers on the press. Yeap that's right. In my big clean up of the study, I must have thrown them out never to be seen again. So you could imagine my stress out when I had to do this job. Ahh! Mr.C my hero, my rock, my everything suggested that we "paint the ink on". Thanks darling, for that lightbulb moment. We can just hand roll the ink on with a brayer.
Plate supplied by the lovely people at 

Then the fun started. Printing like a little team Mr.C and I and we got done 80 invites over two days. But what about drying? As you can probably tell Mr.C and I aren't masters of letterpress just really keen. We have 80 invites looking at us, saying we need to be mailed out. Ok, I may have had a Macgyver moment. And put them in over on a low heat for 20 min. DONE! 

Due to the wedding on being for a while out of repeat I don't want t post the finish invite. But there were smiles. 


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Great gift ideas!

Great gift ideas

Coming up with great gift ideas can be hard, particularly when we find ourselves having to buy presents all year round.  Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s, Christmas or any other occasion, we constantly need to keep inspired to make sure every present is special and fully appreciated.  Sometimes, we leave it till the last minute to buy gifts and often fall short, getting something obvious or uninspired.  The first trick is to leave plenty of time in advance, so you can come up with some ideas, or make the necessary arrangements if it requires planning.  Here are a few gift suggestions that should go down well whatever the occasion:

Most people enjoy going on holiday, especially if they live in a country with a particularly miserable climate.  This would require quite a bit of planning in advance, particularly if the receiver is in full-time work – you would have to secretly make arrangements for time off with their supervisor.  Alternatively, you could opt for a short weekend holiday and not travel too far.  Budget airlines offer some great prices for flights to European cities close by. If you have a credit card which allows you to save air miles you could always use those if not why not complete a credit card application online.  You could also opt for an all-inclusive weekend package that includes travel and accommodation, making it easier on your part.  Try to choose a destination that you know your partner will enjoy – if they’re fond of culture, look at some of Europe’s cosmopolitan capitals, or if they prefer sandy beaches, maybe consider one of the mainly seaside resorts around the Mediterranean.

Falling roughly into the same category as a holiday, the idea of ‘experience’ gifts is to give your loved one memories that last a life time.  Depending on what your partner likes (and can stomach), you could look into high-energy adrenalin-pumping activities as these tend to be unforgettable.  Depending on where you are, or how far you are prepared to travel, suggestions would include Bungee jumping, abseiling, surfing or rock climbing amongst many others.  However, it’s worth being sure that your loved one will take part as you could be out of pocket for nothing!

Mix-tapes have always made good presents, but have perhaps decreased in popularity over the years.  A recent surge in vinyl as a fashionable format means that record ‘mix-tapes’ can now be manufactured.  Some pressing plants offer deals on one-off vinyl pressings, meaning you can customize your present down to the last detail.  Make sure your loved one has a turntable though as it won’t be playable without one!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A guide to garden furniture

Once upon a time, outdoor furniture meant little more than a few deck chairs and a weather-beaten table. However, as interior design moves into the great outdoors, a vast and impressive array of outdoor furniture is currently being produced to match the needs of the modern homeowner.

Garden tables

For those of you wishing to dine Al Fresco this summer whilst dodging the hefty price tag, the service charge and the table reservations, why not look into garden tables and chairs? Outdoor tables are designed to comfortably accommodate anywhere from four to eight guests, and come in a multitude of sizes and styles to suit every garden. From robust and weatherproof nylon-based tables, to elegant glass surfaces, you’ll find the perfect table for your needs. Garden tables are a must for anyone looking to make the most of out of their outdoor space.

Corner furniture

If you have a large garden and really want to show it off you could try a corner arrangement. With luxury seating for up to five people and interchangeable blocks that can be arranged to the shape of your garden, these are fully waterproof and offer a stylish and ultra modern way to relax, eat dinner or drink a few cocktails.


Having been notably popular in Victorian England, garden swing seats are making a comeback. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, they are a great way to idle away the summer afternoons with a friend whilst enjoying a few light refreshments and a drink or two. Many are available in traditional Victorian style with intertwined metal patterns and grates, or you could opt for something a little more modern with stylish matte black metal and a matching black parasol.


The classic British deckchair is a staple of any modern garden. Often more at home on the beach, these wonderful recliners are appearing more and more in gardens across the U.K. Deckchairs are available in a variety of designs ranging from the vintage classic style of wooden and striped cloth, to brushed chrome with padded

seating for maximum comfort. You’re sure to find something that looks great in your garden and provides you with the perfect place to relax and soak up some sun. Don’t forget, if you’re planning a trip somewhere nice, you can fold your deckchair up, stick it in your car and take it along with you.

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